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The Ponzi Investigative Group SpA, a direct descendant of the famous private investigator Tom Ponzi, pillar of an italian second post-war period made up of social complexity and the industrial revolution, today represents excellence in terms of private investigations.

From the very beginning of its business, Ponzi SpA has chosen to set up its headquarters in the center of Milan, in Corso Monforte 9. The choice is very clear: to give maximum direct and personal support to the majority of customers.

Since 1952, the operational offices have been based in Milan just a few minutes from the headquarters of the most important banks, financial institutions, law firms and professionals.

Milan has therefore always been our city but thanks to specific agreements consolidated over time, we successfully operate throughout Italy and in over 60 countries around the world.


The Dossiers produced by Ponzi SpA have always been synonymous with quality at the highest levels


Ponzi SpA is a guarantee of maximum reliability for any information provided


We produce Investigation Dossiers and tailor-made information in the shortest time to market

Know How and Skills

The value of information lies in the fact that it generates other value. An exchangeable, shareable and multiplicable value that the Ponzi family has been producing, stimulating and disseminating with commitment and passion since 1952.

Choosing PONZI SpA means choosing competence, independence, honesty, organizational capacity, compliance with high standards.

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Ponzi SpA makes use of a structured organization that provides wide-ranging information to protect the business.

  • Always in Milan and Rome with three operational offices, from 2021 present with operational offices also in London (EN), Dubai (UAE) and Miami (US)
  • Associate A.N.C.I.C.
  • The quality, reliability and prompt delivery of reports are the success factors that distinguish us and that the market has recognized for over 60 years.
  • Customized investigation processes by type of customer, from single requests to large batches.
  • Information models designed specifically to transmit personalized information.
  • Modular products and services, to be composed according to customer needs.

Ponzi SpA

The companies of the Ponzi SpA Investigative Group , which have adapted to current investigative standards and the demands of the modern market, are essentially specialized in investigations and economic and patrimonial investigations with the aim of obtaining information for the recovery of credits and the qualification of non performing loans (NPLs).

Choosing the Group companies for private investigations in the financial, corporate or industrial field means relying on the leading experts in economic and asset information aimed at credit recovery: if we consider that the Ponzi SpA Investigative Group has developed its know-how starting from investigative investigations aimed at identifying the sources of income of the subjects under investigation, it is easy to understand what level of competence it can offer today to interlocutors of any level.

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